The Peran Car and Boat service has been in this business since 1983. Upon extending the business in 1990, we started building new business premises in our current location, with the goal of offering all-round services in the blue-green field. Due to the storm of war, the move was postponed until the year 2000, when the Peran center moved to a new location, where it remains until today. We are trying to achieve a synergic effect by combining the world of cars, motorcycles and ships. In all segments, we offer a complete service of sales, servicing, washing and safekeeping boats in our dry marina. The results of our efforts are: a decreased total price, a shorter service time, and a good quality of work.

We are the manufacturer's agents for EXTURN thrusters for south-eastern Europe, and we perform the installation and servicing of these devices.

Advanced training of our crew and employees, as well as the acquisition of new skills in all areas is imperative to our business.